Seniors’ life improves dramatically with access to affordable transportation!

Transportation is the key to senior’s health and well being. Check out these stats:

  • 4.5 Million miss doctor’s appointments
  • 8 Million over age 50 are affected by isolation, which is worse than some of the bad addictions in expediting your death.  

Local, state and federal governments have been coordinating for decades to resolve this issue but it is still major pain point that still need solving! There are several angles to this problem of providing access & affordable transportation. A new research project between USC and Lyft, which is currently underway to provide free rides to diverse senior population in LA area proves what we expect. It definitely helps their wellbeing. Now the question is what kind of creative ways we can come up with to make this happen.

As always, know of anyone or any startup working on this, please let me know, I will update this post.

[Image Credit: Thanks to BM10777 via Pixabay]

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