Pulse is a ‘campaign/survey’ to bring awareness to #ProWoSo and also to find out what problems, the next generation finds-interesting/likes-to-solve! Everyone knows the global problems like global poverty & environment crisis etc. But not everyone is aware of all the other millions of small & big Problems that are Worth Solving (#ProWoSo). Our mission is to bring awareness to all those problems and inspire kids to tackle them. Pulse is an exercise to ask kids and get a sense of what problems that kids find interesting to solve (popular problems).

I plan to launch Pulse campaign/survey on various college & high-school campuses, both here in USA and in India. There will be prizes for sharing your voice!

Here is the list of colleges Pulse ran! Click on the college names to see more details about each of those campaigns and what the results were.

CollegeStart DateEnd Date
VNR VJIET – Hyderabad, IndiaDec 10th, 2019Jan 3rd, 2020