AI Impact Challenge from Google

Google as part of its ‘AI for Social Good’ initiative announced ‘AI Impact Challenge’, calling all social-entrepreneurs, academics and problem solvers to propose on how they would use AI to help global social, humanitarian and environmental problems.

You can submit the applications till Jan 22, 2019. Google plans to award up to $25 Million dollars. Great thing is that you are not expected to be an AI expert and will provide needed AI help once your idea/solution wins the challenge.

For the inspiration, here are some of the problems that Google has applied (or applying) AI:

  • Predicting wildfires or forecasting floods
  • Retinal Imagery for predicting cardiac events
  • Detect deforestation
  • Predict the newborn’s risk of birth asphyxia by analyzing sound of baby’s cry

Good luck to all the Pieneers! As always, know of anyone or any startup working on this, please let me know, I will update this post.

[Image Credit: Thanks to  xresch via Pixabay]

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